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The "True Colonel" of Kentucky
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Born:July 7, 2007
Ithaca, NY
Died:March 7, 2017

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How can words describe what my dear friend meant to me?

It times of happiness he somehow brought even more happiness.

It times of extreme loneliness and pain he brought me more comfort
and laughs than I could ever describe. Oliver never had a bad day, no matter
the situation he took charge, and raised the happiness in the house ten fold.

He was dearly loved by me, his papa. He was truly the "son" I never had.
I loved him with every ounce of my heart, and will treasure him forever.

Special times holding him were so treasured beyond words.

He was spoiled rotten by my Mom, who
was his "granny", and bought him the best treats, and made him the most
incredible meals. He knew once she came to visit, that the eating was going to be

Oliver touched the lives of those around him in so many ways, with his antics which caused
great laughter, and his love, with would soften the hardest heart. My friends and family
adored him.

Oliver was one in a million, and there will never EVER be another. Rest easy my boy,
you made this man's life, so much richer. You made every person you ever met, richer.

His attitude was so strong, I nicknamed him "the Colonel" when he was just a pup when I was in NY.
Kentucky thus became the perfect home for him in 2012.

My dear boy, may God peacefully escort you to his loving arms. I know he will hold you for me,
until I get home, so he can hand you back over to me to hug forever.

I love you Olly.
I truly love you.
your Papa

Memories -


He could play with tennis balls all day long!
Added by Papa

He loved playing with his "Sister" Abby so very much!
Added by Papa

My first day with Olly, Sept 2007.
Added by Papa

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Personal Notes

I don't think I will ever be able to forget Olly. He was such a character! He was always energetic; he could play ball I think 16 hours a day and never tire of it! I had never before seen a dog that would push the ball right towards you when you played with him! He was full of life; and was so inquisitive. He seemed really intelligent; and he was also gentle. He loved to snuggle with Papa; and with Grammy; and thankfully; with me; his Aunt! I am thankful to God that He allowed me to be able to see and play with and snuggle with Olly one more time before he left us. I (We) will miss him SO much. There's no other dog I've seen that was like him. He was one in a million. Of course; Abby too has a character all of her own as well; she is a sweetheart of a dog. I know she will miss her friend; and of course Papa will miss his boy. We will all look forward to the day when we will see Olly once again. We miss you Olly. I bet you're keeping people busy up there playing catch! Bye for now. C&D
Added by Cindy

I could say so much about Olly. The first time I saw him, he was about 5 inches long, and 4 inches tall. He was sitting in his food dish, quietly observing his 3 "evil sisters" : ) biting each other, pulling each others' ears, and growling. He hopped over to the fence, put his little paws up and looked me in the eyes as if to say, "Get me OUTTA here!!!" It was love at first sight for me. Olly gave this gal untold hours of laughter, of love, of cuddle time. He was clever and active, yet sensitive and caring. He had an attitude that made you think that though he was a tiny dot of a dog outwardly, inside ... he was a Great Dane! : ) While doing chores inside or outside, a little black nose would appear, slowly, insidiously, to check out...or perhaps supervise : ) what we were doing. He was always inquisitive, always part of our pack. : ) Oh I miss you. But I have many happy memories of my BeeBah Boy to warm my heart always. Rest peacefully, sweet boy...Gram loves u!
Added by Grammy
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