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Born:November 11, 1999
Sköllersta, Hallsberg
Died:June 9, 2011
Glanshammar, Örebro
I thought of get a Afghanhound I got myself two siamese cats. Those are S*Hexaeders Prins Esaia Eridanus Parents. Mom:S*Nobella and Dad:S*Röklands Oduduwa, we did not get along so I decided keep a kitten from their first breeding  for show and breedings. S* Hexaeders Prins Esaia Eridanus were more polite and friendly than his Parents.He came to become a BIV (best in varity) and Ex 1 (excellent one) every time we were on show together, he also got NOM (nominated to panel) several times and  have Once became a BIS (best in show). He had a very nice colourpoint Lilac (Sia C). We loved him very much and we still love him very much he will always be a part of Our Lives. He were the sweetest and kindest siamese I ever have lived with.

Added by June-Kimm

S* Hexaeders Prins Esaia Eridanus Rest in Peace
Added by June-Kimm
Personal Notes

S*Hexaeders Prins Esaia Eridanus in Loving Memory.

June-Kimm Nielsen

Added by June-Kimm
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