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Born:May 10, 1988
Died:July 20, 2001

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 [email protected], founder of chihuahuas-bloodlines-anika-s, a show chihuahua-champion bloodline, was owned and loved by a beautiful Teacup-Chihuahua named "champion gi gi"...for 12 and one half years...  "Champion Gi Gi" was the foundation for the Chihuahuas-Bloodlines-Anika-s . Chihuahuas has been a show line of champion chihuahuas in both coat types, teacup-sized and conformation perfect,for two decades,thanks to champion Gi Gi, that is. In addition to the wonderful adoration my baby  Gi Gi gave,Champion Gi Gi won many awards, Gi Gi was on the cover of several Chihuahua-Breed books and in Dog World Magazine {1999 issue} feauturing The Chihuahua-Breed.Few bloodlines in Chihuahuas have had a  Chihuahua-baby like this gorgeous Chihuahua,champion Gi Gi.
The breeder, Frances-Bouyea had a wonderful line of Chihuahuas in Amarillo Texas,and from this line,called "Chanson's" JacquiBeth, founded the breeding program chihuahua-anika-s-dogs in 1989.
From the outstanding English bloodlines behind Ch-Gi-Gi, as she was affectionately called by the handler/owner, [email protected], was the grand dam to three champion sires and a pointed female grand daughter, thus garnering her a place holding in the top producers of chihuahua champions categories for her times. UK Bloodlines such as Parquin's,Fitt-Savage,Dolandi etc. can be found in champion Gi-Gi's pedigree, and were imported by Winn-Cotton, another chihuahua-breeder, in the early eighties. The chihuahuas-bloodlinesby-anika-s thus had a legacy that would sustain a wonderful, healthy family of Chihuahuas that would blend wonderfully with the H-and-J-Chihuahua lines of Texas and give many wins in the show ring.
Great-great-great-grandkids now are still winning in the show ring, descendents of champion Gi Gi. These gorgeous Chihuahuas" dominated the show ring for over two decades. Although Gi-Gi only had one litter, her son Anika's-Feliz-Magic-Marco (aka Marco)sired three gorgeous champion sons and a champion-pointed daughter, making it into the annals of the "Chihuahua-Champions" By Camino Books,books,that list a top stud dogor bitch. From the legacy of champion-anika's-wee-sweet-giselle, came many a beautiful descendents.

Patricia is a short coat anika-chihuahuas line-bred puppy that is a great great great great granddaughter of ch-anika's-wee-sweet-giselle
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Maddy is the great great great great grand daughter of ch gi gi and a carbon copy of her in every way except she is a long-haired-chihuahua and is a lilac-color.
Added by anika's-tickled-mystic-madison
Personal Notes

gi gi, thank you for being my love, for starting me off and running with a perfect line of champion chihuahua dogs.
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Here's my first memorial to champ gi gi... Memorial 2002
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As a tribute to you my sweet girl, I will always keep your name up in lights. You are in my heart always, the falme will burn eternally.
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