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Born:June 12, 2003
Franklin, Wisconsin
Died:January 24, 2004
Waukesha, Wisconsin

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My little baby, I had you for such a short time.  I feel so immensely sorrowful that your life was so small.  Yet in that time, you became like a child to me, my sweet little boy.  I miss the way you would shake all over at the top of the steps, so excited to see me.  The way you would dance as I sang to you "Paco, Paco, Pacooo".  How funny it was when I called your name and you would look the other way.  I even miss the annoyance of your scratching on the side of my bad, crying to sleep with me.  What then annoyed me so has become the sweetest sound that I wish with all of my soul I could hear again.  Here I am sitting at 2:30 in the morning two days after you past, bawling in front of a computer screen.  I never thought that a pet could matter so much.  I never knew that it would hurt this bad.   I feel raw inside.  You should be sleeping on my feet as I write this, not laying in the cold ground.  Oh God baby, I wish I could hold you, feel your softness, make you warm, make you come alive.  I miss you so much, I layed with all your toys and wept tonight.  I kept closing my eyes wishing it was a horrible dream and I'd wake up to find you on the couch.  How can I pick up Bonnie anymore and not expect to see your sweet little face peeking out the window at me?  Oh I feel so terrible baby, I wish so much you could be here, that this didn't happen.  I will always love you, I hope there is some way you can know that....  I simply love you...

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