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Born:April 11, 1996
Died:April 29, 2008
Shadow was the best thing that ever happened to the Levy family.  Not only was he the cutest puppy ever, he was obedient, funny, strong, and genius.  Although he was diagnosed with every complication under the sun, he fought through it for as long as he could and made us all smile from day to day.  His favorite hobby was resting his head on comfy things such as clothes and blankets, his favorite room was the bathroom that he always guarded, and his favorite game was to play on the bed with dad and bark at nothing.  His nicknames ranged from Shad, Shadman, McDougal,  Simba, and Daffodil which I will always refer to him by.  Despite the hundreds of toys he was bought, we learned early on that his favorite toy was the "Hammy" and was the only one he would ever touch.  If someone told him to "go get the hammy" he would run downstairs, find one (of about 7) and bring it upstairs ready to play.  His favorite foods were eggs made by mom and Wendy's hamburgers without the bun.  His ears were shaped like pizza's which led to the expression "pizzzaaa eeeoooosss" and made me always want Shadow to get his hair cut.  Shadow also liked cake, because one of the cutest things I remember about Shad was when he licked his birthday cake while standing on the kitchen table.  Whenever Shad had to go outside he would either scratch at the door or wake dad up in the middle of the night to take him out; like I said, he was brilliant.  The first memory we had of Shadow was caught on tape- when he was brought home and peed right on the carpet.  I then suggested that his name be Bagel until the rest of the family saved him from that and decided to name him Shadow like his father.  He loved being carried in the "daffodil carry" where he would hang his paws and rest his head on my shoulder.  Besides sleeping under mommy's desk in the "clubhouse" every day, Shadow could often be found in the hallway on his blanket bed, on the couch on top of the pillows, or laying outside of his bathroom.  When we first brought our baby boy home from the kennel, he was this cute white puffball who then turned into an important member of our family.  Shadow wasn't only a dog, he was a hero; not only would he lay with us when we were sick and lick our faces until they were soaking wet, but he also saved a cat that was minutes from dying on our driveway.  It was in Shadow's nature to be loyal, caring, and loving to all of us at every moment because not a second went by when he wasn't receiving love or attention from us as well. He was all you could ever ask for in a dog plus much more and filled our days with laughter and love for 12 years. As much as we provided for Shadow during those years he was able to give us much more by providing us with the priveledge to love and care for him until the very last day of his life.  He was just as much a member of the family as anyone else and we will remember him always as our brother and son for the rest of our lives.

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What a great tribute to a much loved dog! Condolences on the passing of your Shadow, sounds like he had a long, happy, and full life. More important, Shadow had a good, loving family. We share your grief as we have lost both of our dogs recently and know how difficult it can be without without them. Just know that Shadow will always be in your hearts forever. Deepest sympathies and warm wishes.
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Written beautifully by the best sister a doggie ever had!
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3 months without my pup :(
Added by Anonymous

4 months tough guy.....Never has one great little puppy been missed by one family so much....Have fun chillin' on the Rainbow Bridge while u wait for us...(say "hi" to Brunie)
Added by Anonymous

5 months my little daffodil. missing you more than ever. you'll be not only in my heart but on my hip forever and ever!
Added by Anonymous

5 months Dogma.....still miss you as much as the first day you were gone. Thanks for all the great memories big guy ("I'm not a big guy Dad...I'm just a little poodle!"
Added by Anonymous

How could it be more than 6 months since the last time I saw you, I miss you little guy. I'll continue to look down at my hip and think of you every single day.
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Hey Nelson, Hips Don't Lie! (courtesy of my good friend, Shakira).....how cool is it that I've got my own website (and a permanent spot on your hip)? The other doggies up here are mad-jealous!
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