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Our Friend, Companion, Protector. Muppy, you were our Everything.
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Born:San Diego County, CA
Died:February 19, 2008
Fallbrook, CA

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Harley was the best dog you could ever ask for. In Feb. 1996 Dad brought him home and he fit right in like the last piece of a puzzle. We were a little worried about the Pit/Chow mix at first, but our worries were soon swept away once we got to know him.

Harley was a lap puppy even though he weighed 80+lbs. If you sat down at our house, he was in your lap before your knees stopped bending. Harley made sure company was greeted when they came in and saw them out when they left. Everyone who met Harley wanted to take him home, especially the vets & groomers. They were all amazed at how wonderfully friendly and well tempered he was, he never gave them any trouble whether it was shots or a bath.

Harley was an indoor dog, going out only to do his business or chase an unknown cat. He always had to be around people and would follow us everywhere, even the bathroom. When Dad left for work he would jump in bed to take his place keeping me warm (I really miss that). In the car he was not happy with his own seat, he had to be in someone's lap to share the window (even the driver if he could get away with it).

Harley loved his cats. KC was wicked to anyone other than family and Harley was no exception. He wanted to play, she wanted to rip his face off. She was declawed in front so all she did was use his face as a punching bag, he loved it. Bonkers he would pick up & carry around the house like a toy. Bagheera & Ziggy, they would all sleep in a pile by the fireplace. Tweeker was one of his favorite chew toys. Scooby was special to Harley, he would groom him and clean his ears, they were true buddies.

Age may have taken a toll physically, but never dampened his spirit. He was still chasing stray cats (only slower) and still loved his car rides. In Nov 07 Harley was diagnosed with cancer. We did everything to spoil him more than ever and make him as comfortable as we could. Finally on Feb. 19, 2008 we let him go to a place where there is no more pain. A place where he can have all the cats he wants to chase, a squeaky toy on every corner and a warm place to sleep.

Harley, you will always be the love of our lives and will be eternally missed. You were truly a one of a kind creature that will forever live on in our hearts till we meet again at Rainbow Bridge.

The Humans You Owned,
Sally, Ivan & Kristopher Sutter


Our 85lb speed bump...
Added by Sally Sutter

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Added by Sally Sutter

Harley was not just a dog he was a friend.
If ever you were down he was there to make you laugh with his silly smile. Yes I mean a smile. I didn't know that dogs could smile until I met Harley.
He will be missed by all that had the pleasure of knowning him.
Be well Harley, you will be missed.

Added by Debbi & David Palmer

Our condolences on the passing of Harley. What a touching tribute, I'm sure he will be sorely missed. He certainly was a handsome dog. We have just lost both of our dogs recently and we understand what you must be feeling. Life for us just will never be quite as fun without Grindle and Buster around and I'm sure it will be the same for you without Harley. He sounded like such a lovable character. Deepest Sympathies and best wishes.
Added by Buster and Grindle's family

Harley must have been a very special part of your family as your tribute to him is beautiful. Because of you he had a long and wonderful life. Bless you. And God bless Harley.
Added by Sam's mum (Australia)
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