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Fourteen years was too short
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Born:January 1, 1992
New York, New York
Died:February 20, 2006
Glenview, Illinois
I remember the first day I brought Mooshke home, a cat formerly belonging to a co-worker. Mooshke was said to be rather shy, and he lived up to this. In the morning I could not find him! Yet I knew eventually he would turn up. It eventually turned out he was hiding behind the books in the bookcase. Yet over time Mooshke warmed up to me, his new human. He was with me for over 11 years of his 14 year life. There was never a time when he was not a fixture on the right hand of my computer, always there to lick my face or give me some much needed support. I remember once coming home and finding him OUTSIDE even though he was an indoor cat! It seemed that somehow he had pushed out a pane of glass in one of the basement windows and pushed his way outside. Yet he did not seem to make anything of the fact that he was outside. He would lick my face with his sometimes rough tongue but it was always a gesture of love. I remember once shutting the door of the room I was in on the second floor of my house when I wanted some privacy. Somehow he made it inside the room! So I put him outside the room and a few minutes later he was back inside! Somehow he had exited an open window in an adjacent room, and jumped from ledge to ledge and air conditioner to air conditioner, all around the exterior of the second flooor of the house, to be able to make it into the room I was in. With persistence like that I had to let Mooshke stay in the room! Mooshke will always be remembered with love and fondness.




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Please see the column that Mooshke wrote many years ago at the website
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