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Born:April 13, 1993
Baden, Ontario
Died:April 1, 2002
Pickering, Ontario
Kahlua was a loving companion and a wonderful family pet.

She loved the water and her favourite place to be was up at the family cottage during the summers. We will always remember how much she loved it up there and how she would retrieve balls and sticks and toys out of the water all day long.

Kahlua was the first addition to our family, but she willingly accepted our two children when each of them was born. When our children were infants, if any dog came close to their baby carriage, Kahlua would protect them with all her might.

She passed away just 2 weeks shy of her 9th birthday due to a sudden stroke. Thankfully, she was never in any pain and spent her last days perfectly healthy and happy. She even picked a prime opportunity to see everyone for one last time, as our enitre family was over for Easter dinner when it happened.

Kahlua was a great dog and an important part of our family. We all miss her.
Kahlua as a puppy
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Loving the cottage life
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Older and wiser
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As a young dog. She loved to play in our backyard.
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Just 10 weeks old
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Memorabilia (audio, video, files, documents, etc.)
Obedience Training Award - First Place
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Obedience Training Award - Second Place
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Personal Notes

"Crazy dog!" You loved it when I called you that. I miss ya.
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I miss you. I wish you would never EVER die.
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You were an amazing dog.
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We miss you, and always will.
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what a beautiful dog Kahlua was. I lost my dog (Goldie)on 26 August. I have been having a hard time getting over it. Our pets are only with us a short time, but it hurts just as bad when they leave us. I have found comfort in this website and hope that you have too. My thoughts are with you

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Loved ya!
Added by Henry

I will miss your beautiful girl. She looks like she meant a lot to you and your family and of course your children.
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