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Born:November 1, 2012
Died:June 1, 2024
Moby was the most devoted, loving cat in the world. He always needed to be near me - sometimes to my frustration, but I'd give anything to have him on top of my keyboard, messing with my puzzles, or lying on top of me right now. He found many new innovative spots to sleep. He loved to be out on the balcony, demanding the door be open no matter the season or weather. He'd take himself out there especially around sunset, falling asleep then running in when it got dark, confused (and adorable). He loved watching the birds on the bird bath (until I had to remove it when he caught a bird by the tail). He was vocal. He shed everywhere, all the time, but he was so so so soft. He ran to greet me at the door. He sat on the counter in the bathroom while I showered. He loved trying to get human food. He loved. I loved him.

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