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Born:September 1, 2009
Died:December 14, 2023
Astoria Oregon
Henry J was adopted by Hickey family in 2009 at approximately a little over a year old. He had trouble at his original home for chasing cat in home. Henry was a double dabble dashound. He went to the beach every year of his life. Depending on weather he would be laying under his blankets in his multiple beds or laying in sun. 
His favorite person was my mom. He would lay at door waiting for her a lot of time. He had two grocery bags full of toys by the end of his time. He played with toys and loved fetch well into his senior years.
He needed to be watched while outside because he could not see too well he had cataracts in eyes that did worsen slowly as he aged. He still managed to find his way around both his homes. He was also slightly aggressive and watching him while in backyard outside time was a must.
He loved walks but had a memorized routine around the block and did not like crossing streets. Sometimes I had to carry him and he would wiggle.

He did not get along very well with dogs but my brother's schipperke dog's visited as puppies around him and well into aging got along quite well for the most part. We called my brother's dogs the cousin's and our beloved Henry J would turn his head when asked "the cousin's are coming, cousins?!" Was very funny & cute.
Henry loved laying wrapped in his towels after baths. He was a pretty clean dog for the most part but at beach he would get into a little bit more messy times. He hated the fourth of July but his favorite time was Christmas where he would get a toy to unwrap and treats and loved biting wrapping paper laying around.
He has been to Washington, California, Nevada, and Arizona. He even got to stay at a hotel at Las Vegas strip the last year of his life! Prior years before we were in California staying across from amusement ride park. My dad stayed at hotel and said Henry was giving window funny looks when people would scream on Rollercoasters.

Henry ashes rests in Astoria Oregon at a pet memorial garden. Also needed to be mentioned is Auggie our black wiener dog born 1993 and Ottis out black lab from Oregon born 1996 he did get to live with Henry for several years and they even shared laying in front of space heater together. Heaters were somethings all of our dogs loved. They also loved being outside buddies as well.
We are looking to adopt a new dog to Hickey family soon!

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