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Born:May 17, 2012
Abbotsford BC
Died:May 2, 2023
You are so loved. I miss you. You were a special girl and I hope you're happy where you are ????

I hope you have all the treats, little sticks, balls and icecream that you want.

I miss our walks. I miss you laying on my lap, slowly warming it up. I miss petting you to sleep. I miss your cute tiny paws, soft tail and perfect little belly, soft and fluffy. I miss all of you little bean. I miss your soft kisses. I even miss things I disliked, like your licking. I still hear the sound so clearly. My perfect little companion. The best listener. The greatest tear licker. The cutest snorer. The softest ears. Mama's baby. I love you. You were so special. You were so much more than a dog, you have a part of my soul and I had always wanted you. I asked if I could take you home and later felt guilty for doing so. We ended up together in the saddest of circumstances, losing someone we both loved; but I was so grateful to have you. We went through so much together. I grew with you. I miss having you by my side. Rest in peace my love. Everyone you crossed paws with, loved you. You really were just the sweetest, most cuddly, adorable, beautiful, stubborn, bright, gorgeous little love.
I hope you have some icecream with grandma x

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