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Born:February 18, 2007
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Died:March 18, 2024
Bannockburn, Illinois
Ladybug, a cherished member of our family, passed away on March 18, 2024, after bravely battling pneumonia, which tragically led to cardiac arrest. Her passing has left behind a legacy of love and companionship that will forever resonate in our hearts. Born on February 18, 2007, she graced our lives with her presence for 17 years, growing alongside us and becoming an irreplaceable part of our family.

From the moment Ladybug entered our lives, she embodied loyalty, affection, and boundless joy. Her gentle spirit and unwavering devotion endeared her to all who had the privilege of knowing her. Whether by our side during moments of triumph or offering comfort during times of sorrow, Ladybug was our constant source of strength and solace.

As Vanessa, Marissa, Dave, and Lisa's faithful companion and confidante, Ladybug shared in countless adventures and cherished memories. From playful romps in the park to quiet moments of companionship, she was always by our side, her presence a beacon of warmth and unconditional love.

Ladybug had a remarkable ability to touch the hearts of everyone she encountered. Her infectious enthusiasm and gentle nature left an indelible mark on the lives of all who knew her. Whether greeting us with a wagging tail and joyful barks or offering a comforting paw during difficult times, she possessed a rare gift for understanding and empathy.

Throughout her 17 years, Ladybug brought immeasurable happiness and enrichment to our lives. Her playful antics, unwavering loyalty, and boundless affection were a constant source of joy and inspiration. Though she may no longer be by our side, her memory will live on in the countless lives she touched and the love she shared.

In honoring Ladybug's memory, let us celebrate the profound impact she had on our lives and the legacy of love she leaves behind. May her spirit continue to guide us, reminding us of the immeasurable bond between humans and their beloved canine companions.

Forever in our hearts, Ladybug will be dearly missed but never forgotten.
Ladybug and Vanessa
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Ladybug in her crate
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Ladybug laying down
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Ladybug asleep
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Smiley girl
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Sleeping beauty
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I'll miss you forever.
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Ladybug was the beloved member of our family. She was my Grand pup, and precious one. She was especially close to granddaughter Vanessa for whom she was a Be loved companion. She is sorely missed by all of us, and we will never forget her.
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