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Born:July 14, 2017
Orange County, CA
Died:March 12, 2024
Mission Viejo, California
We got Floki and his sister, Freya back in November 2017 when they were nearly 4 months old. It had been over a year since our last cat passed away, and we figured it was time to get another one. When we saw them at the adoption center, they jumped out to us with how playful and loving they were. I will be always grateful I gave Floki a good life, and I could tell he knew he was loved dearly. I know Freya is going to miss him and is unsettled by his loss. he was such a kind, gentle, affectionate kitty. He sadly suddenly passed away from Congestive Heart Failure on March 12th. He was taken away from us far too soon. I'm just glad he's no longer in any pain and that we gave him a good life. 

Rest in Peace Floki
7/14/17 - 3/12/24

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Personal Notes

Floki was part of our home, a calm presence in our daily lives. He found joy in simple comforts: A comfortable spot on a fluffy blanket, a rub on his belly or chin, a regal perch at the top of the stairs or high in his cat tree, quiet and dignified. He didn’t need to ask; his company was enough.

He favored his high places, surveying his world with a serene gaze, content in his quiet dominion. His silence was a language of its own, understood through shared glances, a gentle purr, a moment of connection.

Now, the places he loved and those who love him still hold his memory, vivid and steadfast. We remember the soft weight of him, the unspoken bond, the peaceful assurance of his presence.

His absence is deeply felt, a silent space where once there was a friend. We miss him, and we honor the quiet legacy he leaves behind, the indelible mark of his gentle spirit on our hearts.

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You were such a cute and snuggly cat, I truly wished that I could've met you at some point in the future, but you were taken away too soon.
Rest well Floki, you will be dearly missed <3

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