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Born:December 15, 2007
Died:March 3, 2024
In memory of the stinkest dog and the ultimate pizza thief: Lady ?? 

I remember the day
Twelve years ago
When my eyes met yours
I felt for sure

You were my baby
And I was your mom
And we were destined
For an eternal bond

I held you in my lap
On the truck ride home
You wore a red collar
And your smile shone

You were a little too thin
But you fixed that fast
When you stole a large pizza
And got in the trash

You were a wild girl
Grinning from ear to ear, a fiendish terror
You were a pig, a dragon, a fox, a deer,
A stinky butt with the softest fur

You were a car when you
Wagged your tail down 8 mile
(Beep beep!)
You held up a line of traffic
With a playful and devilish smile

Yes, you were a bundle of energy
Brimming with life
It makes it that much harder now
To say goodbye

Your feet were so stinky
They smelled like corn chips
Your kisses were balm
Even when you drooled from your lips

You had little wet stars for eyes
They glistened and shined
You had a bottomless stomach of steel
And an endless supply of begging and whines

We spoiled you rotten, little pup
You deserved every gift
I realized that even more
When you started to drift

You were a cutie patootie and a chalupa.
You worked hard for the money.
You bark bark bark bark barked and Wagged your tail,
Stinky dog, you stunk up the whole town.
You had style and class and most importantly of all a wiggly ass.
Your joy is still here, Bug. You live on in our hearts. And someday when we cross the Rainbow Bridge, I'll cry tears of joy when I can hold you again in my arms.

Lady, I don't know when I will see you again, but in the meantime I promise to take everything I learned from our time together to be a better person and keep sharing your light with the world. You will always be in my heart, baby. I love you forever.


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Personal Notes

Lady was a rescue dog adopted from the Michigan Humane Society. If you would like to make a donation in her memory, we would be so grateful. Here's to hoping all the furry friends of the world find forever homes and families.
Added by Dolly (Lady's mom)
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