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Born:January 20, 2021
Aitkin, MN
Died:December 31, 2023
Princeton, MN
Caesar was a playful cat with so much personality. He loved to patrol the yard, and catch animals. He loved the entire family too, and always amused us with his quirks. He loved to drink water out of our bathroom tub. He knew he always had a spot to rest on the ottoman in the living room, and it was so cute to catch him dozing on a sunbeam. He was a champion racer, running everywhere, always wanting to catch up and be in the action. He was a fierce predator of the Pekin Ducks, and never missed a chance to play lion in the jungle with them.
I miss Caesar. He was a good friend, always willing to give an ear to my troubles. He was always ready with advice in his own cat way, and we will always remember him.

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