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Born:March 19, 2012
Andover, Ohio
Died:May 30, 2023
Austinburg, Ohio
Una was the absolute epitomy of the perfect family pet. She was the most kind, gentle, loyal, and loving creature that God put on this earth. Una prided herself in taking care of her three human “babies”, Liam, Cayde, and Ren. She was their full-time babysitter and protector. She always kept track of them to keep them safe. If they wandered further than what she deemed as too far, she was quick to guide them to safety, or make sure their mamaw and papaw were notified of their wandering. She was loyal to her master and best friend, Papaw Tim Haidon. She followed him every where that he went. Up until the very end, he was her hero, caregiver, and best friend.  She also loved her mommy, Mamaw Tambra Haidon very much. Although she was a small and petite German Shepherd, she was generally in the 75lb range. But, she would cuddle on her mommy’s lap like a tiny five pound lap dog. Una was spoiled and loved. She enjoyed playing with her tennis balls and playing tug of war, and she always won!  Una also loved her Grammy who enjoyed spoiling her with special foods, treats, and toys. She was always so excited when Grammy visited!
Una was special in so many ways. She will always be missed, always be loved, and can never be replaced.
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