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Born:January 28, 2021
North Rose, NY
Died:September 24, 2023
Castalia, OH
Nova?? was just the sweetest little thing. She came into our lives May 2023. She was very itty-bitty (malnourished) and we did everything we could to get some weight on her. Although seeming very healthy, she never did seem to gain much weight, if any. But she was a little trooper. Nova coulda never do no wrong, well, except when she’d open the kitchen cabinets and “lock” herself inside lol. But she was just an angel, a little blessing. She will forever be loved & missed, and never forgotten. She loved to play outside with all her younger brothers and sisters, and they all deeply miss her. But, now she is being the angel she was always meant to be :). Flying high with her younger brother, Titus??. 

Fly High Our Little Super Nova ???????. Rest Easy.
Silly Nova
Added by Mommy (Chloe Cabrera)

Sleepy Head
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Car Rides With Nova
Added by Daddy (Ivan Cabrera)
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