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Born:January 1, 1999
Died:September 2, 2022
I don't know if anybody ever reads these tributes.. but I sure hope they read this one.  My Rileybug was a Lhasa Apso and I do miss that little girl.  It's been almost a year and I'm still not over it.  I really do believe I may need counseling to get over her.  She wasn't a sweet dog.. not affectionate and certainly didn't like to be cuddled and loved.  But.. she did know I was her mama.. and she did love me in her own way and she knew I was there at the end.  I had her 18 years.. and when I go to sleep at night.. my little Yorkiepoo Tater is in the bed.. well Riley used to be.. and I miss reaching out and touching her soft hair.  I guess what tortures me.. or the reason I'm writing this is.. because she was such her own little person.. and she wasn't a nice person.. did she know how much I loved her?  That just eats me up.  Did she know it was me that was there when she took her last breath?  Riley died at home.. a natural death but she didn't suffer.. it was just suddenly over.  She didn't poo on herself.. peepee on herself and she spit up a little on the front of my shirt.  I held her until it was over.  That girl carried herself with pride.. she was a mess.. if you research the Lhasa's.. they guard the Monks.. so.. anyways.. I know everyone loves their dogs.. but.. for some reason.. I never felt I did enough for her.  She was with me 18 years.. and seen me go through "stuff".. Just wanted to say I love love love that girl and I miss her with all my heart.

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That's my Riley.. we used to call her Scooter Trash. I do so miss my babygirl.
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