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Born:December 25, 2007
Falls Church,Virginia
Died:July 28, 2023
My sweet Angel Pumba kitty boy come to my life after difficult divorce.He brought lots of happiness and joy and changed my life.
First time I saw Him walking outside with other kitty his friend I knew how highly intelligent and smart boy He is.Pumba been with me for 16 happy long ( not enough long) years!He always loved me and never complained.We been moving a lot from one place to another and Pumba baby boy always been so calm and happy.He is the Best Thing Happened in my life!He is my Heart and My Biggest Gift From The God!My biggest Blessing!Very loyal and very special kitty boy!
I feel so numb and heartbroken!I miss my sweet Kitty Son Pumba so much!Life without you my kitty baby never will be the same!
Diabetes is horrible disease and my kitty baby boy passed away from diabetes health complications.I hope to see you one day in Rainbow Bridge and will never be separated!
I Love You Always And I Will Always Be Your Mom!

Added by Pumba baby kitty boy
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My sweet kitty Son Pumba!Today is one week you left this earth!I miss you terribly and your mama’s heart is forever broken!
Your kitty sister Jasmine looking you everywhere and everyone is miss you so so much!
You are the bright light in my life and you are my everything!
Love you so much my baby boy and I hope to see you one day in Rainbow Bridge!

Added by Mama Natalie
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