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Born:May 9, 2014
Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
Died:April 3, 2023
Animal Hospital, Sault ONT, CA
I hardly know what to say. I'm in such grief. Blue was the sweetest & most gentle of souls. Just a really good dog who did not get what he so richly deserved in his too short life. In his nearly 9 years, he was plagued by soo many different ailments since he was brought to me at 8 wks. old. Allergies, anxiety, an inner restlessness, in the end Cushing's Disease and a new vet who was not very kind. Both of his CCL's ruptered. Still, he persevered because he was a strange and resilent soul. A fighter, a King. He loved his walks as many do but it was different - he needed an escape, a freedom that I think most hounds do (he was a purebread beagle). So many meds, so much treatment...too many opinions, too many vets. I felt lost,guilty, ashamed. Even moreso now for putting him thru all of it. I just needed/wanted to make him better. He was my hero, my best friend and companion when I had no one. I could not of asked for a better one. I pray and hope to have the absolute honour of seeing him again one day and to continue our journey together. It was my greatest thing in life to have him by my side for so many years. The pleasure was mine Blue Nova, thank you. I will love you til the end of time. I would wait a million years under the chemtrails over the Carmen's Way. A kinkajou of the wildest order and craziest proportions. My fella, my guy. You're so fancy .
Blue Nova
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