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Born:August 1, 2006
Died:May 12, 2023
Beaverton, Oregon

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I first met Boomerang in a Scamps pet store back in 2006. I had just finished high school, and secured my first job. When my family and I moved back to Oregon, our previous cat ran away from home. She was about eight weeks old when I got her. We had a dog at the time, and the two tolerated one another while the dog was a part of our family.

From the day I brought her home, she was the most affectionate and sweet cat. Whenever I was sad, she would cuddle with me. She loved to lay in laps while we watched TV. Over the course of her life, she had many pets and many ear scritches. Most of all, she was a dear and loyal friend who never strayed far from home.

During our time together, I fell on hard times. I was often between jobs, and I was threatened with eviction several times. Boomerang never cared about any of that; she was happy with her mama, and she always stood by my side with purrs and cuddles.

One night, I was coming off my bus ride home from work. My family at the time was upset at me about the litter box, as they often were. They had decreed that Boomerang be made an outside cat, and for a while, we humored the idea. Boomerang showed them; even when she was forced outside, she never strayed far from our apartment, especially during the day.

As I stepped foot into our apartment complex once more, Boomerang, having never stepped that far away from home due to being an indoor cat, immediately made a beeline for me. She rubbed her body against my legs and mewed at me excitedly, as if to say "Mama! Mama! You're finally home! I've been waiting for you all this time!"

That night put a smile on my face more than any other. We had to play a game of "dodge the sprinklers" as we made our way home, but after the initial scare, she made her way back to me. My stepdad eventually relented and allowed Boomerang back into our apartment, where she felt safest.

She and I had 17 wonderful years together. I went through several jobs and three apartments in that time. Boomerang was more than just a cat; she was a loving family member, and a dear friend who gave unconditional love to a sad and lonely woman who needed it. After a year-and-a-half long battle with hyperthyroidism and other illness, she passed away in my bathroom, where she had to be kept due to her deteriorating condition.

I will never forget the years I spent with her. I will forever love her and I will always miss her. Though I am deeply saddened that she is gone, I don't regret the time we spent together.

Rest in peace, Boomerang.

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