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Born:May 10, 2007
Staunton-On-Wye, Hereford, England
Died:February 21, 2023
Holmer Vets, Hereford
Lily was a baby to a farm dog that had puppies. She was brought home along with her future dog companion, Ben for company and for someone to play with. Lily and Ben became dog partners for life.

To our surprise at a young age, Lily became a Mum to Solo with Ben being the father. This was a shock to us all and we didn't realise she was pregnant until the day (hours before) she gave birth. On the day of Solo being born, Lil was running around the field at Aylestone Park like a crazy and energetic dog that she was. She wasn't showing any signs she was pregnant until a few hours later when she was back at home and started panting and we noticed it was like she was trying to push something out of her stomach. We took her to the vets when we presumed it was a phantom pregnancy but were informed she was pregnant with 2-3 puppies, but it turned out to be 1 and that was Solo. As soon as Solo (also known as Bubz) was born, Lily became a devoted mother.

Lily was the fastest dog out of her family (of 3), was protective of her family, energetic, caring, loved swimming in the water, enjoyed licking people faces that she loved, playing with her daughter and family and loved going on her walks and riding in the car visiting new places and going away on holiday. Going swimming into the sea (and refusing to get out when it was time to go) and running along the beach was also a favourite of hers.

Lily was also given the nickname of Little Lil due to her size as she was smaller than her daughter (Solo). We think Lily had a bit of Collie in her as well as Labrador. This is because she used to like to drop down and round up the other dogs.

Lily was fussy with her food and we used to have battles with her to get her to eat properly but it picked up as she got older. She enjoyed the company of her family and didn't like being left on her own. Lily gained a reputation for being wolf-like as she would like to howl like one if she was left in a room on her own.

Lily was also a deep sleeper and enjoyed her naps, especially kicking whilst she would be dreaming.

Lily was heartbroken when Ben died and used to look for him when we went to new places. When she would see a dog that looked like Ben, she would go up to them and nudge them as if to say "it's me" not realising until afterwards that it wasn't Ben. Many years later when her daughter passed away from cancer, Lily kept looking for her and even though she was there at the end for her daughters life, she still couldn't understand what had happened to her. She used to sit on the sofa and look for hours on end at her daughters bed, looking for Solo. She realised that Solo wasn't coming back. It was then on that Lily was our priority and we were there for her and she was there to support us.

Lily was getting old, frail and elderly and she got a chest infection and she looked so sorry for herself and gave the look that she had enough. So, we took her to the vets and it was decided it was time to let her go and be in peace. It was Lily's time to go and be with Ben and Solo and run with them spiritually again.

We miss you Lily so much and love you with all of our hearts. You were the bestest dog ever, a great Mum to Solo and our most cherished Little Lil.


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