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Born:October 2, 2016
Died:February 22, 2023
Toronto, Canada

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Simba was the most affectionate, playful, goofy, entertaining, welcoming, energetic, curious, vocal, caring and just overall loving cat I have ever seen...and these adjectives don't capture even half of his amazing qualities. 
Our journey began when I went to a local shelter to adopt a different cat I had seen the night before, but lo and behold, Simba ("Clive" at that time) was right across from her when I showed up. This was the first time he stole my heart, and little did I know, he would steal my heart every day for the years to come.
Over the last six years, Simba showed me just how loving cats can be. He was selfless and beyond affectionate and was always there for me when I needed some fur to cry on. Truly, he showed affection in every possible way. He gifted me his favorite toys (little glitter balls) throughout the day. Hardly a day went by where I wasn't holding him like a little baby and where he wasn't a total purring machine in my arms or when he wasn’t kneading on top of me. He would run down the stairs to greet me whenever I entered home and would often follow me around. He was so attached to me and I just hope he knew that I was even more attached to him.
He was also a pretty silly goose! He was so crazy about booty slaps that he would jump onto my sister's lap anytime he saw her sitting...I guess he had chosen her as his DBS ("Designated Booty Slapper"). He also loved our second kitty, Nala, but more than that, he loved to bother her and play fight with her. He loved playing with his feather wand toy too and would go crazy whenever he heard its bell. His zoomies were really something else and the number of times I almost tripped because of them...what I wouldn't do to have that crazy energy back in the house.
A very talkative kitty who knew how to communicate and show me what he needed, yet he never failed to be a good listener and always waited for me to finish speaking before meowing back. He would come to the kitchen whenever I was there and would meow so, so much. He would inspect all our food and in later years, became a wild foodie who really wanted us to share our every meal with him, sometimes stealing chicken bones right from our plates. Mealtime is not the same without his antics.
In September 2016, my beautiful Simba went into heart failure and in the months that followed, Simba showed me just what true strength is. With every bout of fluid returning to his lungs, he fought back like a true warrior and kept pushing through. Despite being in so much discomfort and having so many ups and downs during his illness, his affection never ended. If anything, he only became more attached and showered me and my family with even more love.
As difficult as it has been losing Simba, it gives me peace knowing that he had an incredible last day. He enjoyed his favorite lickable treats, had a yummy breakfast, went outside as it snowed, saw the train go by behind the fence and got an abundance of booty slaps. There will never be another Simba and I will always look back fondly at the memories we shared.
Simba, I love you more than you would have ever known. And I hope to reunite with you in Jannah.
He loved using his scratching post
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When he was rolling on the cold floor
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The treats he enjoyed on his last day
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Loving the outdoors
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How could I not love that innocent face?
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Simba and Nala: An Epic Duo
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Whiskers & fur jar
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