Born:February 9, 2023
Died:February 16, 2023

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Rocky boy was the most affectionate, loving dog I ever had. But I can't say dog, to me he was human if that makes sense. Mine and Rocky's souls were connected in a way I can't explain. Rocky was always by my side, or laying on top of me , or staring at me, or sitting in my office with me, or just watching TV together, or going on our walks, we were soulmates and still are. We were always inseparable, the bond me and him shared was unconditional just as the love was. Rocky succumb to hemagiosarcoma a silent cancer killer in labradors,  Goldens, my boy was the most handsome gorgeous lab and a michrvious one too.  This evil cancer was diagnosed in his spleen, the spleen mass were removed on January 24, 2023. I was very nervous about the surgery, but he came through, I slept at hospital overnight with my boy, the next day we went home for him to recuperate. We went for blood recheck on his blood levels, to makecsure they were going up, we did that for 2 weeks, and they were going up, we were hopeful. Then on Feb 14, I came home, he was very lethargic, so I said let's go back to hospital, found out he was bleeding again, just 3 weeks after surgery, felt like someone kicked me in the gut.  So on Feb 16th his breathing got bad I had to make the hardest decision of my life to put him down,. My life changed on Feb 16, I'm forever changed as I died with him, I feel someone took a body part of mine, that's how painful this loss is, I feel broken without him. Rocky would light up any room just with his gorgeous face, and those ears, those ears were my favorite and his deep brown eyes, like I said Rocky was always by my side, if he wasn't his hair was. I loved my boy so much all of his life, and now I will miss him for the rest of mine. Mommie loves you bubbalicious. ?
Personal Notes

I loved Rockyboy his whole life, now I will miss him the rest of mine.
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