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Born:November 27, 2007
Buffalo, NY
Died:November 25, 2022
The Village Vet, Canastota, NY

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The Boss Man, BA, Hogger Dogger.... He was just too perfect for this world. Boss came into my life as a Valentines gift and would forever be known as my little "love pup". I was just 19 years old when I became his Mommy. I remember so clearly thinking how on earth am I gonna tell my parents that I have a dog. Since I was still living at home I had to tell them. So I did what any kid would do and just sent my mom a picture with no caption. "Lil who's dog is this"..... "Its mine" lol. My parents had lost their dog years earlier and would fall so deeply in love with my Boss. Boss was named after the rapper Rick Ross the Boss. I always loved the song Hustlin'....who the F*** you think you F****** with i’m the F******* Boss. He took right to his name. At age 3 Boss would meet his Daddy and it was love at first sight. It was like they had known each other forever. Boss would later become a certified service dog for his Dad after suffering a TBI and Seizures from an accident and wore his service vest like a badge of honor. Boss went literally everywhere with us. If Boss wasn't allowed we weren't going to go. He was a very social guy and I can't tell you the amount of times people would stop us and ask his breed and where we had gotten him. He did this thing where he would stand on his hind legs and wave his arms and it always pulled people in. We called it his "Please Please". Later he would be the ring bearer in our wedding. He walked down the aisle with the rings clipped to his "Red Coach Collar" god he was so bougie.When he was 10 Boss would meet his brother. He got to be an only child for 10 years and I wasn't sure what he would think of a brother. The night we brought Wylie home he snuggled up against him and never left his side. Often times I would find him in his crib during nap or guarding the hallway. No one was going to get his brother. Boss was diagnosed with Cushings disease the Pituitary Tumor type at age 10 as well. He fought a long and hard battle right till the end. He never wanted to give up because he knew I would be an absolute mess without him but he waited till I had done a ton of healing. He got to watch Nick and I grow up and become who we are today. He was the strongest fighter I have ever known. There is a huge hole in our hearts and we will miss him and love him for eternity. 
Boss is survived by his Mommy and Daddy, his best friend and brother Wylie. His Gg and Pa Jack and his Uncle Junior (Junior got his name because he looked like a Boss JR) His Nana and Bo and their dogs Luna and Dee Dee aka Firework. His Uncle Max and Aunt Amy cousins Griffin and Reina, and their doggy Holly. His Uncle Emmett, Aunt Liz, cousins Sofia and Penny and their doggies Skipper, Mitch, and Nori. His Great Aunt T and her cats Iris, and James. His very special cousin Ashy. His Aunt Jess, Uncle Eric, cousin Vanny, and their doggy Mart. His Aunt Katrina, Uncle Jim, and their doggies Millie and Max. Many special friends and family members.
He was proceeded by his Great Grandmother, Great Papa,Great Grandma Barb, and little Pop. They are all showering him with lots of love I am sure of it. Rest easy pup!

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