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Born:February 25, 2008
Died:August 16, 2022
Rhode Island
Our beloved Larry is gone today, It is a very sad day for a life loss. But it is also a day for Larry to end any further suffering. Larry has been sick for months, every time we sent him to see the veterinarian doctor, our heart is deepened to acknowledge that his old age and unrecoverable sickness due to deterioration. 
Larry was born 2/25/2008, and arrived at our home 14 years ago. He has had a super wonderful life for his life span with us. Larry is a Bologna breeder dog, he is sensitive, anxious, loyal to his owner. He is a super companion pet dog, he was loved by everyone of my family and our friends. His loyalty and love to my family has brought many joyful times to us, even though he has ranking for his favorite family members. And that ranking has never been changed since day one he arrives. My older daughter was the first to greet and hug him at the airport when he flew to Rhode Island himself from Indiana breeder, my younger daughter was the second at the airport to greet him, then my wife drove them home. I saw him at home when returned from work, so I was the last one to greet him for his new home. He seems not fully recovered from the flight yet, with scary eyes staring at me, want to run away from the stranger. I can image his feeling of been sent away from his own family after born just a month. So my older daughter sit on top of the ranking, then my younger daughter and my wife, I was at the bottom at his ranking. Only if I am the only person in house with him, he would follow me everywhere, sleep in my room and remind me he needs food or need to get out of house for release. I enjoyed so much
with him sitting around with his innocent eyes looking at me even though I knew he will run away from me to other higher ranking lady if they are in house.
14 year is a long life for a dog, it was suggested that 14 year is their life span limit. There is a saying one earth year equal 7 years of dog, Larry lived 98 years with love and joy. We lost Larry today, but he will be loved and accompanied by a new family and owner in the heaven. We trust he will be enjoying his life there except couple of days beginning with anxious
and scares for the new place.
We will remember him, for circumstance in the summer afternoon with him sitting next to us at
the yard, watching and try to safe guard the property as his land.
We will remember him, knocking the door for opening and running to our daughters as he
knows they are coming home either from school or other place.
We will remember him, the Larry Boy, barking or running out to warn other animals approaching
or near our yard.
We will remember him, for him to be my family member of 14years.
May Larry rest in Peace!
Yihui P Wu, 8/15/2022, East Greenwich, RI
2021 with Cindy and Dora
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Naples, FL 2020
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