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Born:August 15, 2011
Died:November 6, 2022
Lexie Lou (Lex, Lobster, Lulu, Mommy's little girl, Daddy's little Lexie lux, flipper) was the joy of our lives. She came to us as a rescue on March 12, 2012, on a stormy day. She was an untrained, garbage surfer, who couldn't walk on a leash but was pure love. She was terrified of everything but I made it my mission to make her safe. She flourished. She became a natural therapy dog, attending fitness classes for more than 10 years, sending people into squeals with her sneak lick attacks, she was a bedmate to anyone who slept over and she made it her mission in life to spread love and joy. You couldn't be in a bad mood with Lex. She was pure. She was love. She was incredible. She was our baby no matter how old she was. She was the calm to Tetley's storm. She was the yin to the household yang. She was just amazing in all ways. She loved food, especially peanut butter. And despite her many ailments - bone, skin, eye, ear challenges - she was always happy, always wagging her tail and was always up for cuddles. She loved to cuddle more than she loved food. 

Lexie was a real spaz. She let you dress her up, and wear hats and glasses. She let you clean her ears, and clip her toenails. She was easy in so many ways and had what I call a hair toss where she would dramatically flick her head back to look at you. She loved to be comfortable and cozy. She was nicknamed flipper because of the way she would flop on the floor and semi roll over with one little half arm stuck out that looked like a seal flipper. Plus her eyes and pinned back ears looked like a seal. Or those dumbo elephant ears of hers that she would pin back and be the biggest goof ball. She would attack you with her tongue but never give a kiss. She would sit on the back seat of the SUV, with her bum on the seat and her feet on the floor with her body on the console, leaning into the front, watching out the front window, and tuck her head into your neck or behind your back for a cuddle.

She wins the cuddle award and anyone who met her will tell you that she was coming in hot whether you liked it or you didn't. She didn't give you a choice but to lick and cuddle. She went for more armpits in the gym than is reasonable to talk about. She would bake in front of the wood stove and then go lay in the snowbanks. She slept in bed with her back feet on the pillow and if you accidentally touched her she would leave. But she could touch you all she wanted. She was addicted to her mommy and would wait by the door until she returned whether it was for 5 minutes or 2 weeks. She loved her daddy and gave him the best spooning cuddles.

She was unapologetic about who she was, she was pure love and happiness. There's so much to say but in the end, it was just love. She was just love.

She left us too soon and suddenly and unexpectedly. Our hearts were not ready. We will miss you forever and love you for eternity. We are not sure how we will walk this world without you but we know your heart will be what guides us, always. Your love for people, for each other and your adoration of your mommy and your family is the guiding light we will hold onto in the darkest of days. We know you would only want love to be the thing that's left. It's so fresh and so soon, maybe one day we will be able to hold onto only the good your brought and less on the pain that's been left in your loss. We love you, Lexie, forever and always our baby you'll be. Left to mourn Mommy, Daddy and Tetley (big sis) and the hundreds of friends, both people and doggies she made over her lifetime.

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