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Born:March 26, 2019
Santo Andre
Died:September 18, 2022
Santo Andre
Roxy Woxy Doxy, whom I affectionately called Oxy, my beloved hamster.
I bought it as a gift for my niece who was very sad because she had witnessed all the suffering about my divorce.
As soon as I entered the Pet Shop, I asked the owner of the establishment that I was looking for a female hamster.
As soon as I spoke, a cuteness emerged from the cage, through the sawdust in the cage that she shared with her brothers.
I didn't choose her, she chose me and as soon as I sanitized my hands to pick her up, she was still so tiny, she put her little nose on my cheek and licked me, in an attitude of love and caresses.

I took her home, gave it to my niece and she stayed with my niece for a long time but, despite all the affection between them, my niece, super sensitive, realized that she felt more comfortable with me that way, decided that she needed to be with me.

I built the little house for her and little by little I was increasing my little one's home, and so my love for her also increased every day.

She arrived and brought us a lot of Light and a lot of Love. My father bought a huge ball so she could walk around the house and interact with us because I always thought this interaction between us and the animals was important. I wanted her to always be close to me at all times, so much so that her little house was in my room and I could look and be with her at all times.

It's been very difficult not to see her run around the house with the ball, play hide and seek with her, smell her and hug her all the time... I miss the cuteness, the look, the smell, the company, of the pure love she conveyed. I will never forget you my little star of Pure Love and Light.

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