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Born:January 4, 2009
Saint Petersburg Fl
Died:August 31, 2022
Saint Petersburg FL
Sweet Pea, you found me and you never left my side from that day on. You were the sweetest animal I have ever known and you spread such love to everyone you ever met and you were such a great mother figure to the rest of the babies. You lite up my life and warmed my soul and I was so blessed with your beauty! I got to hold you as you crossed over that rainbow bridge and I know we will meet again. I love you forever, your Daddy! It's only been a few days, and these tears I cry will always be because I love you very much!

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Sweet pea you were a beautiful cat. I am so sorry you were in pain and sick. I am blessed to know that you are in a better place now. No more hurting. You couldn’t have asked for a better daddy. You sure chose the right forever home when you picked Derrick. I’m glad I was able to help Derrik and be there when you passed.
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To sweet pea I was blessed to have meant you. Your daddy brothers and sisters loved you move than you could imagine. I was so honored to be able to pet you and you were so beautiful. I hope you crossed that rainbow bridge and my sunny was there to meet you. I'm so glad he had you there now with his brothers to play with. Love you miss you your daddy will always love and miss you. RIP sweet pea and know you were loved and adored Kathy and family
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