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Born:December 26, 2009
Redwood, NY
Died:May 3, 2022
LaFargeville, NY
Josie was the sweetest dog ever.  She never met an enemy; human or animal. Her never ending kisses left you with a smile and a wet face.   Josie was a brave girl who never gave up on life.  When her disease started to progress, she adapted by using a wheel chair to keep up with her pack.  Never discouraged, she would pull herself around to find the stinkiest, foulest smelling dead animal to eat.  She would run around the back yard, trying to eat all of the grass along the fence before we could mow it, making us wonder if she was part goat.  Josie spent the last year of her life practicing meditation. She spent many days sitting in the sunshine, eyes closed, nose in the air, Taylor waiting patiently for her to finish.  Josie is survived by her parents, Bob and Carla; her sisters Taylor and Kona; and her brothers Bobby, Bentley, Bear, Xavi and Critter.
Josie and her duck
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Eating dad’s ear
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Keeping warm
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Kisses for dad
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Sleepy baby
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Hoop jumping!
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