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Born:March 22, 2017
Cork, Ireland
Died:March 2, 2022
Cork, Ireland

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I met Ron during the summer of 2017. He was given to me along with his little brother Harry, who was 1/3 the size of Ron at that time. For the entire drive home, Ron used his chubbiness to good use and cuddled Harry to make him feel safe. 

Ron was always the dominant piggy, and anytime Harry would try to assert himself, he was quickly shut down by Ron. But after every fight they had, they were soon the best of buddies again.

Ron had some tactics to maintain his curvy physique, which included constantly stealing Harry's food, despite not fully eating his first. He also always found the coziest corner of the bedroom/kitchen, typically under a scarf or a blanket, and there he would spread his fat out and make a pillow for himself.

Ron got mites in 2018, which worried me, and all of my friends, who wrote and sent him get well soon cards. However, his illness did not affect Ron in the slightest, and he continued to act as his usual bossy self.

Ron loved exploring outside his cage, and would make his demands known very aggressively by gnawing on the cage wire until we agreed to let him out.

Everyone was scared to introduce our dog, Lily, to the guinea pigs, assuming that she would eat or attack them. But when the day finally happened, it was actually Ron who was the boss of Lily. She would approach him, growling and sometimes even barking, until Ron chattered his teeth and walked right up to her, refusing to back down. She then would run far away from him.

Ron was loved by everybody and will be missed dearly. I would give anything to scoop him up, wrap him in a blanket on my lap, and stroke him from the top of his head to his nose until he falls asleep. I love you Ron.
Ron sitting outside with Harry
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Ron enjoying a cucumber
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Ron sideways in his cage
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Ron also sideways in his cage
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