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JJ was such a good boy. When he came into our lives, he forever changed how we lived and brought us endless joy. We never knew how fulfilling and wholesome it would be to have a dog until he showed us the way. 

At first, we didn't know how to live with a dog. It was a slow process of us learning about him and what he needed and him learning about us. When he was a puppy, we thought he had a neurological disorder because he would tremble when he slept. After much concern and consulting the vet, we learned it was because he was cold. Yes, that is how green we were as dog owners.

JJ has been sprayed 3 - 4 seperate times by the skunks in our yard. The first time he was sprayed, we heard we were supposed to use tomato juice to wash him, and after that his white hair had turned pink. ??

My parents, John and Alice, tried to bring him everywhere they could and he loved going on adventures with them. JJ was a sassy fellow and very particular about people. His favourite people in the world were his parents although I would say he liked his mum way more. Sometimes he would stay with his Aunt Vikki and he was also very fond of her.

JJ thought his job was to keep the squirrels and small animals out of our yard and he patrolled it with diligence. How dare those squirrels come into the territory they were in before he existed!? His favourite past time was eating and my parents fell for his puppy eyes everytime.

JJ, you will be forever in our hearts and dearly missed.

We hope you are chasing squirrels and eating steak past the rainbow bridge.

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