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Born:February 10, 2010
Died:March 13, 2022
Amelie came from a puppy mill. She was also a runt and was being sold at a pet store. My daughter bought her and brought her home. Amelie was very ill and the vet gave us no guarantee that she would survive. After taking care of her and giving her much love, she recovered quickly. She became very attached to her family and we became attached to her as well. She was a happy and playful dog. Her favorite toy was a hacky sack ball and her favorite food was smoked salmon. She loved snuggling and getting belly rubs and kisses. She wanted to be a part of everything. Because she was small, it was easy to take her everywhere in a shoulder sling. She loved car rides and looking out the window. She will be forever missed, loved, and cherished.
IMG_7378 2.jpg
Amelie playing with her favorite toy, hacky sack
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Memorabilia (audio, video, files, documents, etc.)
Mom helping Amelie find her toy
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Personal Notes

Amelie, I miss you immensely. My life is empty without you. You are no longer there to greet me when I come home. You were the best companion and I thank you for your unconditional love and support. You will forever remain in my heart and I will never forget you. You took a part of me with you. I love you, my sweet little baby girl.
Added by Simona

You were the most beloved dog. I hope you had a happy and fulfilling life baby girl.
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Beautiful baby.
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I knew her only from Simona's stories and pictures. She was a funny, cute and tinny girl. I hope Amelie will meet new friends in heaven, among other cute dogs. Take care, Amelie!!! Hugs & kisses!!! ??????
Added by Axl

Amelie was a very sweet dog. She would brighten up your day with just her presence and it was very clear that her family loved her very much. She will be missed from family and friends alike. She will be greatly cherished in doggie heaven and her memory will live on as the sweet doggie we all knew her as!
Added by Jon

Amelie you were such cute dog and I always looked forward to seeing you when I came to visit! I will miss you and the joy you brought your family!
Added by Chris Mascarenhas Keyes

Amelie, I remember when Amira and I were at the pet store and first saw you. I’m so glad we were irresponsible teeneagers and brought you back to our dorms. You were the cutest little thing and brought us so much joy. I’m so glad you got to live such a wonderful life with a loving family. ??
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Amelie was my little snuggle buddy. She loved snuggling up next to me and taking naps. She was always so excited to see me as I was to see her. Amelie brought true joy to my life and will forever be missed.
Added by Chris DiFranco