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Born:July 17, 2010
North Carolina
Died:March 14, 2022

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Molly was an amazing friend, dog, companion, and sister. She had ALL of the fruits of the Spirit and much more. Anytime company would be over, she was the main attraction. Her joy, humbleness, quietness, and love are what drew people. Her beautiful brown eyes and ultra-soft, white fur could not be dismissed. There was no one who didn't smile when Molly walked into the room. She is best known for loving (ALL) food, playfulness, sleep, and a sucker for rubs. There is not a day we won't think about Miss Molly and celebrate her life. Rest in peace baby girl and eat at your heart's desire in Dog Heaven. We love you farther than the moon and back!!!
Flower girl
Added by erinmurray
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Poppop and I loved sweet Molly.She had a wonderful home with a family that adored her. I know she brought as much joy to your lives as you did to her. Miss you sweet Molly!!
Added by Anonymous

Molly is my sweet best buddy!
One of my favorite moments of each morning was to sit in the floor with her and scrub her ears and eyes and listen to her happy moans while I did. She would be up and at the door almost every day when I came home, happy to see me. I loved seeing her happiness when I would throw her ball, and her intensity when I would take the plastic off a slice of cheese! I will miss all the times that, even up in years, she would "play-scrap" with Brian.
I thank God for letting our family be the one that got to enjoy Molly's 12 years! Such a precious friend!

Added by Jason

I am so sorry for your loss! What a beautiful girl she was! Hugs and prayers for you all!
Added by Anonymous

Molly was a sweet, precious girl and our family was blessed to have her. She made us smile each and every day. She was the best big sister to Brian (her dachshund brother). She was so humble and never met a person she didn't love....and everyone loved her! We will always love you sweet Molly, and you will forever be in our hearts. Thank you for being our faithful friend. ????
Added by Penny

I'm so sorry for your loss. Molly was loved by everyone who met her. I have a special place in my heart for her. When her humans went on vacation I would sit with her and she would gladly share her couch with me even though she took up most of it. I'm sure she is enjoying her happy place. Love you Molly
Added by Grandma Kaye
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