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Died:March 9, 2022
Las Vegas

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Goodbye to my favorite cookie crumb ?? she passed away at 11:11 last night because she was such a lucky girl. My precious baby.

Rest In Peace my favorite cookie crumb. She was wild and funny and adorable. She’d steal beef jerky every time she found it. She loved waking me up by putting her little nose in my face. She loved car rides and barking at everyone. Her favorite treats were the peanut butter ones and she loved thanksgiving because she got to eat turkey. Her birthday is in December so she’s a winter baby. She loved rain and I could never get her to come in when it rained so I ran out in it with her. She had a tongue with black spots which was so cute and when I first met her it reminded me of an Oreo so I called her Oreo cookie ( I was a kid lol ). She’s my bestest friend ever. She liked HGTV shows and classical music would make her fall asleep. Cookie never liked fetch or tricks but she loved hide n seek. She was always so careful when taking treats or food from me so she’d use her lips. She had her own couch and would just hang out with me all day. Her nose was so cute and loved getting booped. She hated doors being closed so if one was slightly closed she’s open it up. She loved watching us cook and being around everyone. My little protector. She was my little shadow. And I hope she’s peaceful now. I love her very much.

Cookie was a true friend, loved one, and family member. She came with me to drop me off at my first job and picked me up. She always had breakfast with me and we’d chit chat and hang out. She was so funny. She had a little path in the yard on were she liked to walk and every night she went out for a perimeter check. She liked the drums too, especially when my dad would play them. She was a big fan of music. One of her favorite things to do was mess with the curtains or blinds. Whenever I did laundry she’d poke her little head through the curtains and watch me. She was so adorable and I miss her already.

Rest In Peace Cookie Monster.

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