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Died:February 5, 2022

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You were an unplanned for Rooster. Hoover's Hatchery said we were only supposed to get female hens for egg laying. But after about 2 months you turned into a boy. 

You were a fun toddler, but then you started to become the temperamental teenage rooster of the henhouse, and started crowing all the time. And you started trying to be the boss of humans too by threatening us with your dipped wing circle dance, but we taught you we were the boss.

One day in 2018, back when the hens had the freedom of walking all over the back acre, a hungry fox snuck into the back fields. You bravely defended your girls by fighting that fox, even though it left you severely wounded from a bite mark on your back, and you lost one of your leg spurs fighting that fox. We thought you were going to die from your injuries. But you miraculously recovered over the course of 1 month, and lived for almost 4 more years.

During the past few months, we noticed you were getting slower waking up in the morning, and the hens were not following your orders anymore, and your comb was getting floppy. Nothing lasts forever, but you lasted longer than we thought you would.

Thank you for all the fun memories and entertainment. We will miss you, but the neighbors won't. LOL.
Personal Notes

True American Rhode Island Red rooster, you will be missed for all those times when you tried to attack me.
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