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Born:January 1, 2018
Died:February 1, 2022
Gandalf was a ~5yo male cat from the SPCA. He was placed under the care of the veterinary technician and veterinary assistant students (and staff) at Algonquin College. Unfortunately, he was FIV+ and was suspected to have lymphoma leading to liver failure. He was only with the students at Algonquin College for a few weeks, but was loved deeply. 
Gandalf was an extremely sweet boy who loved to be brushed and pet on the head. He had the cutest high-pitched mew, and would make the saddest little "hum" noises whenever he was returned to his kennel.
Jay and Gandalf hanging out in an exam room.
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Gandalf sitting under the exam table near his house.
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Gandalf flopped contently after brushing.
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Gandalf post-flop, looking more alert.
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Gandalf chilling in his house!
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Gandalf loafing.
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Memorabilia (audio, video, files, documents, etc.)
Gandalf yawning AND meowing at the same time!
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Gandalf being brushed! He loves it.
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Personal Notes

You were such a good boy. Seriously. I had such high hopes that you would get discharged, and adopted by a loving family. I'm sorry that isn't what happened. I'm sorry I arrived too late to say goodbye. I hope you could tell I loved you when I pet your body. I loved you so much, even though I only knew you for two days. You deserved so much better. I hope you're happy now, and pain-free. I miss you bud.
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