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Born:March 26, 2006
Warner Robbins ga
Died:December 31, 2021
Lakeland Florida
Bud was adopted from a pound in Ga as they were going to put him down for being overcrowded. Not being a pure bred, he wasn’t the prettiest but he ended up being the best ever. I saved him and he knew it. He stuck to me like Velcro. Always stayed inside and slept with me in bed. He was a working breed being a Texas Heeler but never worked a day in his life unless you consider gathering his toys in a pile. He was definitely spoiled. I loved him and he loved me. I sure miss Bud and even at 69 yrs old I find myself crying all the time. I having his remains brought back to me this week hopefully. 
Bud suffered two strokes in the last year and the doc said he most likely had a blood clot move into his brain. For the last year I had to teach him to walk on all four legs where the stroke caused the loss of use on one rear leg. Together we accomplished that.
He had a hard time getting up from laying down and I was there to help him up and even roll him over every 2-3 hours. He ate like a cow but I had to lay down with him and hold his food bowl sideways. Same with his water.
I scheduled my job/work around him and his feeding/med schedule. Now that he’s gone I feel useless. Can’t sleep or feel like doing anything for myself because I was dedicated to Bud and his care!
Bud was awake on and off the night before with an unusual whimper every 15-20 minutes and a treat got him calmed down every time, but I still laid with him on the floor of our RV as we were 2 1/2 hours from home at a race I was attending. That morning (NYE) we were leaving and he was crying which was not normal. I called the vet and explained the situation and he said even though it’s New Year’s Eve he would meet me at the clinic. I drove straight there in the Rv. On the way, Bud appeared to go into a semi coma. Never made a sound the whole way there. I carried him in and the doc knew right away what had happened.
I said my goodbyes as Bud went to sleep, painlessly and very peacefully. Just the way I wanted him to go if he had to go.
I just want Bud to know how much I loved him and will always love him and never forget him.
I carry his collar and tags with me everywhere as if he’s still with me but I know he’s gone forever.
I’ve never been this hurt before and don’t know if I’ll ever get over him. I don’t want another dog. I’m 69 and another dog would probably outlive me and be forced to live with another. That wouldn’t be fair.
Bud was my best friend of all my friends. He went with me everywhere except to work, shopping, or dinners. He loved to be by my side as he even rode between the seats on his bed.
He loved my food over his although I kept it at s minimum. I miss him so much and wish we could’ve gone together. I’m not sure I can cope with his loss but I’m trying.
Tonight I even walked around our acre yard that we had a routine of doing every day numerous times, holding his collar and listening to his tags rattle. I closed my eyes and kept wishing it was him. It wasn’t and never will be! I love you Bud! ??
My dog Bud
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I love you Bud, you’ll always be in my heart and hope you never forget me!
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