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Born:September 1, 2005
Austin, Texas
Died:October 14, 2021
Hutto, Texas
I went to my local humane society looking for a tabby kitty for my husband. As I was looking around a little black cat in a cage in the reception area grabbed me and wanted my attention. I took this little guy into the visitation room and fell in love. They had him named Ford, but I changed it to Anubis (Big Boy, Nubie Scooby, and Bubba). Anubis was the breath of fresh air I didn't know I needed after losing my childhood kitty Sasha to old age. I brought him home and from that day forward I was his human. He loved to get in bed with me and crawl under the covers and sleep with me. He gave me silent meows to let me know he loved me, and he loved me unconditionally! I have so many wonderful memories of Anubis but him and our snowman calendar will forever be one of the funniest. Let's just say when you goof around with something and it gets caught on you, no matter how fast you run, it will follow! Anubis had the biggest yellow eyes, I loved just looking at how beautiful he had become. He was a large kitty at 18 pounds, but he was a gentle giant. He was always loving to everyone unless it was time for my husband to take him to the vet. That is when he turned into a panther and would take off anyones arm that tried to wrangle him. We still loved him though. He was always relaxed. He gave silent meows and loved giving kisses to his mother. He would give dad kisses on Sunday when it was time for his brushes. He loved the way my husband brushed him, hard enough that it went to the core of his being! His other favorite thing was to hoard cat toys! If anyone messed with them, he would have to go and inventory that pile to make sure that everything was returned. He would go to each toy putting his scent back on it! He had a stash in the living room and one in our bedroom behind the door. Something tells me there might be more in the house. His very favorite toy was a Christmas tree. He played with it so much that my husband and I performed surgery on it several times and finally we had to take it away because he loved all the stuffing out of it. I still have it tucked away. I miss having him waiting in the office each day when I started work for the day and I really miss him rubbing up on me letting me know that he wanted to be lifted on to my desk. He would then enjoy my attention and I would love on him till he was ready to go back to sleep in his bed. He was the best co-worker I’ve ever had. 

I found out in January of this year that he had a cancer tumor in his mouth. Due to him having a heart issue they couldn't do surgery. So, I figured as long as he is eating and happy, we would tough it out. I had him for 10 more months and I'm so happy I got that extra time with him. He slept a lot, but he was always keeping an eye on the house and us. When I woke up and he meowed on Thursday, I knew it was his time. I held him for a couple of hours until his appointment. I wish I could have had it last longer, but I know he didn't feel well. I can’t believe how fast 16 years went by with him. It seems like just yesterday he came into our home. I lost his sister just a couple of weeks before, so it makes his death that much more heartbreaking.

Anubis, I love you so much! You mended a broken heart with your love and purrs. I will never forget you big boy! I miss you sleeping in your bed while I work from home. The house seems so empty without you in it. Your loud purr will be missed. I only hope that you will be waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge. I hope that along with seeing family again that my babies will be waiting for me as well.
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So sorry for the loss of both of your babies. He is gorgeous.
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