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Born:January 1, 2006
Died:September 28, 2021
Hutto, Texas
It's hard to describe just how unique our Willie was. She chirped, she sang to her toys in the middle of the night, she gave unconditional love, and if she really loved you, she gave you smooches. She loved to run her cold nose up your leg, back or whatever body part she could reach at that moment. It was her way of saying "Hi". Willie was the tour guide of our home when repairmen came to work in our home. She would have to see what they were doing and many times I would find the repairmen playing with her while they worked. Always made me laugh because most cats I've been around hide when new people are around but not Willie, everyone was a friend in her book. I still remember when I found her I told my husband there was a cat I wanted to show him at the Humane Society. Of course, my husband didn't want another cat but he finally decided to go to get me to shut up about it. We got in our room with her and we played and then he was ready to leave. It was busy so I had to stand in line to get someone to go back to the room to get Willie. While I sat in line for about 20 minutes, Willie managed to "Zing" with my husband because from that moment on she was his and he was hers. She wrapped him around her paw and that is where he stayed. He came out of the room and said "we'll wait for you in the car". That was the day I lost my husband to another woman! My husband had never had a pet that he truly bonded with like I had had in the past and now he did. His day started and ended with his baby girl. In fact, she even sat between us on the bed and couch. She would always put her paw on his arm or hand just to show that was her dad. In the middle of the night if my husband and I woke up and talked to each other, Willie would hear this from wherever she was at the moment and come in immediately and demand my husbands attention. I loved watching him with her. He is a big military guy but when he was with her he treated her like the most precious thing in the world. Always gentle and loving towards her. She would follow him around the house like she was his shadow. She loved playing with his boot strings and in boxes left out after shipments came in. One of her favorite toys was a stuffed carrot that she stole from her brother Anubis. She loved to sing to it when she walked around the house with it, especially in the middle of the night. Her other favorite toy was the most expensive ornament on our tree at Christmas. She always seemed to know which one was the most expensive, once she was done playing and breaking said ornament she would lay under the tree on the tree skirt and take a much earned nap. She also enjoyed playing with the laces my husband removed from his boots for her to play with. She would carry them around in her mouth and if you walked in front of her with the string she would pick up her end up of it in her mouth and let you guide her.  I will hold all my memories of our beautiful girl forever in my heart. 

We will miss her playfulness the remainder of our lives. 14 years was not enough time with her! Her illness was missed until she declined quickly and without almost no notice. I honestly would pay every dime I have to bring her back for one reason and one reason only, because she was our doodles. The pain in my husbands eyes just breaks my heart, I wish I could bring her back for a day just for them two to be together one more time. I take comfort in the fact that one day her and him will be together again. She has left a hole in his heart that only she can fill again. Willie Doodles, dad and I love you dearly and we miss you so much. We wish we could have done more but we didn't want you to suffer. We are sorry that we left you at the vets while they tried to save you. Love you always!
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Doodles in her boot box.
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Doodles day job. Managing mom!
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A young Willie
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Doodles missing her dad and giving me a smoochie.
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The Doodler
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