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Born:June 1, 2003
Ajax Ontario
Died:September 14, 2021
It is with great sadness and a heavy heart I have to say that my precious Queen Mimi G passed away On Sept 14, 2021 at 12:47pm peacefully in my arms. I loved you like no other and your absence is felt everyday. I could never measure the happiness, the comfort and love you brought me through all the ups and downs of life. In the last days you told me while resting your head on my chest “I will always be with you for I will leave whisker kisses on your cheek every night and be your angel in the sky. And every time you think of me, I’m right here inside your heart, purring away with love. This is not the end. I’ll be waiting here, across the rainbow bridge, in Heaven, when we meet again.” 
Mimi was 18 years old (88 in human years.) and in the last year of her life had some health issues that were very well cared for. The cremation was held on Friday, September 17, 2021 at Thistledown Pet Memorial in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada. An amazing place. It is at Thistledown I learned that animals with pure souls will leave crystals in their ashes to thank you for caring and loving them. Also to protect their owners from evil. Mimi did leave me crystals and you can see a picture of them under Memorabilia. This is a Buddhist belief.
Mimi was known as Queen Mimi G. Mimi was an independent but very affectionate and loving cat. Mimi lived a very active, colorful and loving life. She was a Super Spy, Chief Special Agent FBI, Chief City Safety Inspector, Head Border Guard, Super Rap Star, Super Model, Yogi Master, and of course Queen. She was always in charge up to the very end. Mimi loved real milk chocolate, vanilla ice cream. bacon, roast chicken skin, and turkey kielbasa. Mimi also loved slippers. Every Christmas she would get a pair of new slippers.
Mimi enjoyed belly rubs and lots of kisses. She monopolized the bed and love seat in the living room. She always stretched out in the middle of the bed and love seat leaving very little room for anyone else.
Oh ! one more thing being the Queen that she was, she only drank water from a brand new fresh bowl of water.
It has been 20 days since you crossed the rainbow bridge. As you can see I have left everything as you left them. I miss you so much. I heard your voice speaking to me saying "You have so much love to give. I want you to give that love to another cat who has had a rough life. And I have selected a cat for you. Remember I will always be in your heart forever". When I saw this cat I felt your energy, your presence and heard your voice. Thank you so much. My love always.
Dec 5,2021: My darling Mimi, I miss you so much. Thank you for choosing Belle for me from the Toronto Cat Rescue. As you know I brought her home on Oct 9, 2021. You already know, Belle is 6 years old and has had a very hard life who needed so much love. She is your spirit. Just like you, I will give her the best life I can with lots of love. I still have your ashes in a bamboo urn that I will scatter in the summer. I have found a lovely park with lots of trees and flowers and where I can come and visit you sipping a cup of coffee sitting on a bench. As you can see, when I place the bamboo urn next to Belle she puts her paw on it. Thank you again, my darling. You will always be in my heart. Till we meet again across the rainbow bridge.
May 10, 2022: My darling Mimi I know you are with me always. Seeing you in Heaven was a joy. I created this image for you. As you can see Belle is doing fine and is flourishing. Belle is no longer afraid of people, loves her hallway walks, and likes to go into other units to snoop around. Belle also has a boyfriend, a grey male cat two doors down from me. I think Belle is ready for a companion. I know you will agree.
Sept 14, 2022. My darling Mimi today is your first anniversary in Heaven. As you can see, I still have your ashes in the bamboo urn. You also know I am making a memorial wall plaque in your memory. You can see Belle is doing great and has grown to quite a confident woman. I miss you so much. Love always.
Royal Pose.jpeg
The Royal Pose
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Blue Slippers.jpeg
Blue Slippers
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Brown Slippers.jpeg
Brown Slippers
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My Favourite Pink Slippers.jpeg
My favourite Pink Slippers
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Stop work and pay attention to me
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Bath Time.jpeg
Bath Time
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Memorabilia (audio, video, files, documents, etc.)
Crystals or Relics.jpg
Crystals or Relics left by Mimi in her ashes to thank me and protect me. All animals have pure souls and leave these gifts in their ashes according to Buddhist beliefs.Amazing
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Song for Mimi - A must listen. Video on youtube is worth watching.
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Spectra 2014 Singers - Without Words.mp3
A Must Listen - For Pet Loss-For my darling Mimi
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Personal Notes

Although the cremation gave me closure the memory shall always remain in my heart forever. Her paws of love are imprinted in my heart forever. Mimi darling, you taught me so much. You taught me unconditional love. You taught me that having space does not mean you do not love. You taught me to let go of I, let go of ego and just be. Be with you. I miss you so much each and every minute, hour and day. Till we meet again, over the rainbow bridge, rest in peace in Heaven. Love always, Richard.
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The memories the bond between highness mimi and to the best fur dad is immeasurable... Even mimi has passed away but the memorries will always be in your heart... Each day you wake up is different you cannot hear a meow or being so clingy to you and even the favorite queen mimi spot is now empty... But always remember highness mimi is and always be in your heart... You might not see or touch queen mimi but she will always be by your side not just a queen mimi but now as a angel
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Beautiful looking cat, Richard, live those green eyes. I know how much you loved Mimi, and Mimi was very lucky to have a human companion as you. They say if a animal lives a long life, it’s because of our love for them, and their love for us. Mimi loved you as much as you loved her. She will be never forgotten, and in your heart forever, and one day, you’ll see her again.
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My dear sweet Queen Mimi G :

You are and always will be so special to me.
Your commanding eyes staring at me when ever I tried to sleep or when I woke up you always had something planned in your ever so sweet way.
You somehow ignored the normal rules and loved your Ice cream, Chocolate, Pizza, Chicken Skin, Cream Cheese, Maple Syrup.
You always got your massage and used my hand as your Royal Pillow.
You left me so much richer in memories that will , like you never be forgotten.
i love you always and forever more.


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Missing Mimi. As she became older it was soon apparent she was a cat not to be ignored. She would sit, and stare at you, and meow loudly until you figured out her demand. Once satisfied she would simply walk away until the next time. : )
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Mimi , you were more than just a pet to Richard.You we’re his friend his companion and a big part of his everyday life . He couldn’t wait to come home to you when he was out or away he couldn’t wait to pet you give you treats spoil you with little surprises and reward you with so much of his love and attention. Holding you in his arms and speaking to you in his soft manner . You are now Free and hopefully prrring high above the clouds and for now it’s you waiting for Richard to 1 day come home to you .
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Highness mimi is not just a pet she is a family a bestfriend a companion and a spoiled queen of her dad richard... Higness mimi became part of her dad richard's life for a reason and they are destined to be part of each others life that to be there on each others side through up and down... Its like they became wings on each other.. Highness mimi adds so much color on her dad's life... Now there will be so much silence in the house were there is lots of meow every now and then... When laughters turn ti silence cuddling moments turn to missing moments... Just always remember highness mimi is in the place where there is no pain only happy moments she is not running free in paradise
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Thinking of you during this difficult time. Hoping your many wonderful memories of Mimi brings you comfort. Knowing how you took such special care of Mimi especially in her final days. I thought helping another cat, not as fortunate, thru the organization Toronto Cat Rescue would honour her. Sending hugs. Patricia

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