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Born:October 16, 2012
Died:August 8, 2021

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Our beloved CeCe was a fun, energetic and happy dog. She was sometimes mischievous and very nosey. She loved affection and always wanted to be where everyone was. She had a bark of a big canine. You could hear her barking from the opposite side of our building’s hallway. It wasn’t until you layed eyes on her that you realized she was a tiny, cute yorkie. She was our self proclaimed watchdog. CeCe was a big kid who loved to play. She treated other kids that she came in contact with, with love and excitement. Everyone loved playing with Cece.

CeCe joined our family February 2013 (at four months old). She was hand picked by Taylor. They practically grew up together. From the day we brought her home, we were in love. CeCe grew a special bond with her bestie, Renee, and she quickly became Renee’s emotional support dog. The two of them were inseparable! The minute she saw anyone messing with her Naé Naé (mainly TJ) , she was ready to jump on you (but still playful). Speaking of jumping, CeCe had remarkable hops. She can jump so high it amazed us. She could also jump down from a bunk bed or two (to our surprise)…

When asked how many kids do you have, her mom Judith, would always say four; two boys, a daughter and my dog CeCe, who often drove her crazy for not listening. When her mom called her Cecilia, you knew CeCe was introuble… CeCe, also drove Q and Grandma Lina crazy but the minute CeCe came to lay on them, their hearts melted. It's like she had this hook on them.

CeCe’s death was unexpected. She was feeling under the weather a few weeks before her passing but nothing too concerning. She even went for her vet appointment a week before. However, the evening of Saturday, August 7th CeCe seemed a little off. It wasn’t until the next morning/ afternoon where we really noticed that CeCe wasn’t breathing well, that morning she didn’t even eat her food, and if you know CeCe, then you know she loves to eat. Around 5:45pm on Sunday, August 8th we decided to take CeCe to the Vet ER, In the rain and in some traffic, Q attempted to get CeCe to the Animal Medical Center as quickly as possible. However, while in route there, CeCe transitioned.

CeCe’s soul left this earth on the 8th day of the 8th Month of the year, at the wonderful, well lived age of 8. The numbers 888 is an angel number - it’s a “reminder to thank the Universe for blessings and miracles that enter your life and trust that everything is always working out not only for your highest good but for the highest good of all.”

Our now angel dog, CeCe Sam entered our lives for a specific reason, she served her purpose in life and within our family and God saw it fit that she comes home. CeCe has forever changed our lives, she has taught us alot about ourselves and eachother. We are already a close family but this tragic experience has brought us even closer. CeCe will always be in our hearts. We love and will miss you CeCe. Thank you for making your paw mark on our lives. Rest In Peace.

Love, Taylor, Renee, Qwame, Grandma Lina & Mommy (Judith).
Fly Girl!
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When they were both babies!
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Q& CeCe
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Mommy and her youngest!
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Princess CeCe taking her beauty nap
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Personal Notes

Love you Cece. Will never forget how you snatched my pancakes from the dining room table and ran under the couch. You were a wild one but we’ll miss you. RIP ??????
Added by Pius

Our families extend in different ways. God created all things bold and beautiful. Cece was part of this and still remains in another realm bold and beautiful. May her continued paradise be restful and of love. Love you guys ??. And such a loving tribute…
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