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Born:March 3, 2007
Died:June 4, 2021
My best friend and little brother, Toby have crossed the rainbow bridge on Friday afternoon.


Toby came into our life in Apr 2007. I can still remember his face when he was 1 month old. He was at the bottom with his two sisters on top of him. We chose him because he didn't bark at us and look so pitifully cute.

Toby love car rides, looking at the windows, barking at birds, dogs, cats, etc... sometimes accompany me for cafes and watching tv.

His favourite foods were beef, cheese, dried fish fillet slice, carrot/milk stick, milky laced shoe, roasted pumpkin, roasted chicken stick, chicken jerky, corn stick, apple dental stick.

Toby always peek at the kitchen door whenever he sees us cooking and we always let him smell what we were cooking. And he always lick his tongue which is his way of telling me that he wants to try.. and afterwards, we would always give him a bit of our dish...

He always accompany me by the window to wait for Dad & Mum to come back home. We always stayed at the same position for hours and he always bark at whoever came out of the lift and I love it that he always bark at the door and sniffing.

He always dig at certain areas of the house and make noise while he dig. And he loved to sleep at the corner of my room and hid away from us. I guess that when he can peacefully sleep and have his afternoon nap.

Toby always loved his Pooh toy and key toy as these two toys was his first toys I bought for him when he was 1 month old. We bought countless of toys for him but he still loved and played these two toys. He would always hug them to sleep and played key toy with Dad.

He always protective of us and always bark at people when they come inside the lift. He also bark at strangers when they are beside our car when we bring him for car rides.



Thank you for blessing us with joy, laughter, and showing me what unconditional love is. Thank you for teaching me patience and loyalty. I will never forget that. Thank you for making our home a little more lively and vibrant through your barking.

You are always our baby and precious little one. We love you truckloads.

Miss you lots and love you always,
your big brother

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Personal Notes

Your Toby sounds like an amazing companion, so playful and smart!
I am so sorry you had to say goodbye to him, but those wonderful memories you write about will always be with you. Your little guy is now with the angels and perhaps even playing with my little guy beyond the rainbow bridge. I wish you comfort, love and peace.

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