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Born:November 29, 2007
Burnet, Texas
Died:July 17, 2021
San Marcos, Texas
Roxanne, also known as Roxi, Roxi Heart, Robbie, and Bobbie… she had the sweetest soul and the biggest heart. She loved unconditionally. 

Roxi loved food, swimming, tug-of-war, chasing grasshoppers, fast food trips, and above all else… us. Over the years, her body began to fail her. Walks got shorter. She could no longer jump into bed. Even standing for a bath was exhausting. Her legs gave out. She would fall daily. Getting up on her own was nearly impossible. Her favorite things became too painful for her. Her mobility would not allow it. But through the pain, she was still there for us. She endured it all to be near the ones she loved. Whether you were taking a shower, cooking dinner, or outside, she was still there. She easily gave up her favorite activities but could not give up being our little shadow. Because she loved us immeasurably, and we were truly her favorite.

Through the discomfort she endured daily (some days it was minor, other not so much), she never lost her spirit. She was still so happy. And this made our decision extremely difficult. We knew her days were limited, and life was only getting harder for her. We struggled with saying goodbye, but knew we wanted to spare her the worst days of her life. I hope she understands that. Saying goodbye was so much harder than I had ever expected. Her absence in this house is haunting, and I’m not sure how to get through this time. I am hoping peace will wash over us soon.

Robbie girl, our angel from Heaven, we love you so so much. We are so thankful you gave us your whole life. You meant so much to us, sweet girl. I hope you know that. We will miss you forever and will carry you in our hearts wherever life takes us. Things will never be the same without you. Our soul mate.

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