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Born:July 14, 2003
Died:July 10, 2021
For 18 years, Petey has been at my side. He spent exactly half of his life being a rescuer to hundreds of dogs. He shared his mom, his house, his car and his bed with countless new friends and put up with a ton of change/nonsense/chaos so that his mom could save lives. Petey taught our fosters the rules of the house, boundaries that are needed to survive in society and sometimes, he welcomed them with a hump or two. He engaged the new dogs and took an interest in most of them. Ending up in rescue can be somewhat attributed to Petey since he was the reason Bark Camp, my doggie-day-camp was formed and gave me the resources to start a rescue. Dogs become your life very quickly. They are all-encompassing in every way and if you don’t believe me, ask any dog owner about their pup.

Petey passed away four days prior to his 18th birthday. To honor Petey and the enormous contribution he gave to LBDR, I’m asking for donations in his memory.
Donations can be made directly through our website:


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Thank you to everyone who has sent heartfelt notes about my boy. He was one in a million.
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i’m so sorry for your loss, petey was an incredible companion. the few times i met him at events it was clear he loved you dearly. thinking of you <3
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