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Born:August 26, 2009
Died:May 24, 2021
Temple, Texas
Daisy was the best dog in the entire world. She would always make sure that we were happy and if we weren’t she would come up to us and comfort us. I will never forget the countless times she’s brought me toys and shoes and remotes. I also remember this time when we were out at the lake and she was swimming and so badly wanted a rope that was tied to a tree and she couldn’t get it so she kept going around in circles trying to get it. I will also never forget those countless number of times she’s tried shoving herself in various places in my room and in the house because she was scared of thunderstorms and being woken up countless times because she was scared. I would trade in being woken up everyday if I could get my sweet girl back. I will always love you Daisy you were the greatest thing to ever happen to our family. Thank you so much for allowing us to have you and for bringing us so much joy.

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