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Born:April 1, 2006
Died:April 8, 2021
Oakland, California
Narco has one of the most beautiful and gentle spirits of any being I’ve ever known. He offered his love to me fully and taught me how to do the same. 

Narco was born on a farm in Pennsylvania and my mom first placed him in my arms when he was a kitten, just after I finished college.

He was the biggest snuggler I know and he spoke up often. Every morning, he would wake me with a meow and a cuddle. He could be shy in real life but loved video calls of all kinds. Narco found joy every single day of his life by watching birds, basking in the sunshine, playing with peacock feathers and cuddling up on the couch, bed or wherever I happened to be.

He loved ice cream (any flavor), canned tuna, cheese (any type), and prime rib! He was an impeccable groomer and I can still feel the softness of him on my fingers. Narco went by many names, including Narcmans Narcman, Love Man, Narcy McMonster, Monster Beast, and Meowy Monster.

Narco was quick to shake off anything he needed to in life, he adapted to the changes in his body with grace and he never lost his spirit. We often praised him just for existing. Narco was fully present in this gift of life he enjoyed so thoroughly and that was always enough. He loved me so thoroughly and taught me so much about life. He continues to inspire me to find joy, comfort, peace, connection and resilience.
Narco loved seeking the sunshine
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Our roommate Pam captured gorgeously regal moments
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Narco loved (trying to) eat plants, especially the Christmas tree
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He had so many perfect perches
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We loved being together most of all
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You always felt so special when he gave you the paw
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Memorabilia (audio, video, files, documents, etc.)
Basking in the sunshine
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Narco loved snuggling & burrowing in his favorite sweater
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Standing tall to eat treats!
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Personal Notes

Narco was a delight. As a cat, he didn't scare me like all other cats do, because he was so gentle and easily spooked. But, when he felt comfortable around me, I relished Narco's company. I knew I was "in like flint" with the Narc-man when I was catsitting for him and I woke-up with Narco on my chest - looking into my eyes - a lovely 3am moment that he and I shared. His eccentricity made me laugh and feel "seen" and I will miss Narco dearly. He was such a loving creature, and so good to Jen and Rishi, as they were good him.
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I never had the pleasure of meeting Narco, but I know Jen, and so I knew Narco was a constant, loving, cuddling presence alongside Jen for all the pivotal years. From my vantage point (often single, seeking, searching), Narco was the kind of fun, loving, grounding companion all of us need and needed. I can't imagine how much he'll be missed! 
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