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Born:January 12, 2012
Died:March 23, 2021
Sassy Lynn was very loving and always understood our moods.  She would paw at you and lick you when you needed that extra attention. Sassy was always excited to see you and would wag her tail and whine until you gave her attention.  
Going for car rides, chasing after her toys, hunting for a mouse, riding four wheelers or snowmobiles, digging into the sand at the beach, camping in the great outdoors and loving her family was just a few of her favorite things. Her favorite spot in the house was laying on the back of the couch watching birds.
She would wag her tail and whine as soon as she would hear the Life360 app alarm go off on Momma's phone signaling that Brooke and Cody was pulling in from school. It wasn't unusual to hear her howling with the kids. Her most comfortable position was jumping up and laying between your legs because she always liked to be close to you and warm. Birds would tease her by eating in the backyard and no matter how quiet we would let her out they always seemed to get away.
She will always have a permanent spot in all of our hearts and will never be forgotten. Thank you Sassy Girl for making our lives so much greater! You truly were our best friend! We LOVE YOU Baby Girl!

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