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Born:June 3, 2006
Died:December 26, 2020
At home in our loving arms
It is with heavy hearts to announce the unexpected passing of 
our beloved 16 year old Beagle Zoomer was such a kind gentle being , he always wanted to share the love we showed him to everyone who crossed his paths . So many have said there's something different about Zoomer he is like a bright light of love and kindness. He was such a blessing to our lives , cuddles , our long walks and long talks together he some how understood what mommy and daddy were thinking and feeling during my health battle Zoomer knew just what to do , he was allowed in my hospital room and on numerous occasions he would not leave my bed.
Nurses said they never seen such a beautiful soul protecting its sick momma picture attached. Daddy had to carry him out. When i returned home from hospital oh boy there he was waiting for me smiles, kissed, squeaking oh my heart was full. He loved people , loved the open field . Hed watch daddy get ready to umpire baseball and he'd love to watch the game. He was and is still deeply loved and missed until we meet again my love nut , our boo boos
Love mommy and daddy forever

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