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Born:August 10, 2006
Died:September 21, 2020

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I don’t even know where to begin. Killer came into my life on a gloomy rainy day back in October of 2006. The day he came home was the same day my grandparents and I had lost their dog Brandy. So home felt so sad and empty and we knew we needed another fur baby in our life. We went to our local pet store at the mall (I know not the greatest) and he was the first fur baby I saw. My grandma and I went to a cubby and I was holding Killer, and she holding a black and white kitten while she was talking to the sales person who had been helping us. As they talked, Killer crawled up onto my chest and nuzzled his little head underneath my neck and fell asleep purring. That’s when I knew we were meant for each other because he chose me. As a baby he loved sleeping on my neck (which later I found out from my vet it was because of my pulse and it reminded him of his mom before I became his forever mom) His name was chosen because he was this adorable little 2 pound kitten and Killer just fit him, and as the years went by, boy did he live up to his name. He was the king of the neighborhood, and knew it. My grandfather’s cat who’s younger than him, learned the ropes, and they were an unbreakable pact when they went outside. I was in a very abusive and toxic relationship for the first 12 years of Killers life (we didn’t live together, so Killer was always 100000% safe from him) and when Killer was diagnosed with cancer back in 2018, is the thing that got me to walk away from that relationship. I will never forgive myself that it took you getting sick for me to leave, but I know you were my angel sent here to watch over me, and I’m grateful for everything you ever did for me handsomes. Killer, bubbs, you saved me more than once when I needed saving, took care of me always, made me a mom, will always be my baby, and gave me unconditional love and never abandoned me. We were always there for each other and my heart is completely broken without you by my side bubs. I know you’re not in anymore pain and you’re hanging out with all the other fur babies that have passed and I’ll get to see you again. Please remember that I love you more than anything and I miss you so much bubbs. Sending you all my love and hugs and kisses Killer. Momma loves you and misses you. You will always be my forever and always.
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Fall 2012
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